Fully Electric



Choose your frame color, wheels, and range.

Accessories Included

Rear rack mounting points to hold wheelchairs, coolers, camping gear, or a
picnic basket! (Rack sold separately.)

High Quality Parts

Constructed using bike parts for easy maintenance.


Great for all terrains where a bike or vehicle would normally be able to travel.
Like with all bikes, safety should be a number one priority, use the buddy system and wear a helmet!

12 mph top speed

Designed for the Outdoors

make it yours

The Rig is constructed with an aluminum frame, detachable bumper, and four inch off road bike tires. We designed this ‘off road wheelchair’ to be as easy to maintain and repair as possible. It’s made mostly with bicycle parts!

Range of 10-20 miles with one battery, and 25-35 miles with two batteries (depending on terrain, weight of the rider, and weight of the cargo) .

Note: This is not a medical device. Recommended weight capacity less than 225 lbs.

Both steering handles can fold back for easy side entry.

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